Alex Herman talked about the film «Dovlatov»

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The movie «iron curtain» tells not only about the writer Sergei Dovlatov, but also about the community itself of the Soviet intelligentsia 70 years, told reporters the Director Alexey Herman.

The main block of filming of the project «iron curtain» was launched in St. Petersburg in February 2016. The premiere was scheduled for autumn 2017. According to the latest plans of the crew, the premiere will be held in the first half of 2018. The film tells about a few days of Dovlatov and his family.

«It was important for us to combine the story of a writer with a history of talented people who because of different features of the world could not carry out their activities and were forced to leave… This is a film about intellectuals, which was probably more than now about the epoch, about people,» said the Director.

According to him, the era of the ‘ 70s was selected to show on the screen the classics in his youth. «The 70s is the time when Brodsky left, Dovlatov has not yet left the Baltics, the echoes of «thaw». They are young, energetic, all of them around 30 years. We know them already bearded, middle-aged, weary people. So – early ‘ 70s,» said Herman.

He added that the film’s story is fictional story interspersed with prose Dovlatov and his statements.

«We decided to go this route because Dovlatov itself is not a perfect theatrical writer. He invented little, he’s not exactly a describes. Quite away in the film adaptation of his texts would be wrong. And when you begin to understand, you will know that Dovlatov worked hard, really got up early. He had intense inner life. This charismatic, drinker not exactly created in the texts of the way,» the Director said.

Herman noted that the short period of time the film is driven by the desire of the crew «in a relatively compressed form through a small reflect large». «We went through the story about the short period of his life, where there is a set of important events that relate to families trying to get published», — he explained to journalists.