At the Kurchatov Institute spoke about the research at the XFEL

© Photo : European XFELСтроительство tunnel for the European x-ray laser XFEL. Archive photoAt the Kurchatov Institute spoke about the research at the XFEL© Photo : European XFEL

Specialists of the national research center «Kurchatov Institute» plan to perform at the European x-ray free electron laser XFEL interdisciplinary research at the intersection of advanced scientific fields that to date have formed the Russian national programme of works in this unique setting, told RIA Novosti the special representative of SIC in European international organizations Mikhail Rychev.

The official opening is designed to obtain new data about the structure of matter at the atomic level the world’s largest x-ray laser XFEL, which is the great contribution made by Russia, held on 1 September in Hamburg.

Rachev said that at the moment the free electron laser, we have deployed two tools and the first few groups have already started work. Two more will be introduced next year.

«However, in General we can say that we are interested in tasks in the field of biology, structural biology, convergent research, which at the Kurchatov Institute now pays great attention to research at the interface of biology, physics, and computer science. First and foremost, in these areas we will carry out our experiments,» — said Rychev.

He explained that Russia has formed a national programme of work for the laser, now it lists all applications from the interested participants and the process continues.

«As for the experiments here, everything is organized simply: at each of the experimental stands half-yearly analyses of all submitted applications, and the international panel of experts selects from them the most interesting, the most daring, to give them the right to carry out these experiments. Two such rounds of selection for experiments this year, which will begin in September and will go until December, has already been done,» said Rychev, adding that Russia together with German and American partners is in the top three the number of teams selected for the experiments.

The NRC’s special representative underlined that the free electron laser means the continuation of a number of works carried out at the synchrotron radiation source.

«A number of options that have laser, for example, coherence, which is not in the synchrotron, can afford to take the next step. Therefore, as a rule, we are really dealing with experimental groups that are beginning to work on synchrotrons, and then come here for the free electron laser as the next level for their research,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Rycheva, the main task of the Kurchatov Institute, as coordinator of the scientific program at the XFEL is to combine efforts of all Russian research organizations to maximize the use of the laser. With this purpose under the auspices of the Institute set up a special Association of users installation and other mega-installations in Europe and beyond, as well as the Association of Russian research centers who are interested in these works.

«The laser is in Germany, but from the point of view of ownership a quarter of it is ours, that is, so to speak, our experimental setup, we required to upload work, our research groups,» said Rychev.