Composer of «the Simpsons» was fired after 27 years

© Photo : FOXМультсериал The Simpsons. Archive photoComposer of «the Simpsons» was fired after 27 years© Photo : FOX

The creators of the popular animated series «the Simpsons» fired the composer’s alpha Clausen after 27 years of working on the cartoon.

«Thank you all for the support. Unfortunately, the news is true,» wrote the composer in his microblog on Twitter, citing an article in the publication Variety.

Thank you for all of the support…unfortunately, the news is true…

— Alf Clausen (@TheAlfClausen) August 31, 2017

Clauser said that earlier he called producer Richard Sakai said that companies now need «music of a different type». As writes the edition, there are suggestions that the dismissal Clauser may be due to budget cuts the show.

Clauser began to work with «Simpsons» in 1990, on account of his more than 560 episodes of the animated series. The composer won an Emmy award and was nominated for an Emmy 21 times for his work on the animated series.

The longest in the entire history of American television animated series «the Simpsons» was devised by producer and screenwriter Matt Groening in 1989 for the American broadcaster Fox. For the first time «the Simpsons» aired as a series of short animated films that accompanied «the Show Tracey Ullman» (The Tracey Ullman Show).