In knowledge Day the staff of the Ministry will hold an all-Russian lesson OBZH

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in fotomasterskaya. Archival photoIn knowledge Day the staff of the Ministry will hold an all-Russian lesson OBZH© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

The staff of the Ministry on 1 September will hold all-Russian lesson on the basics of life safety (life safety) is more than 40 thousand educational institutions of Russia, have informed journalists in a press-Department service.

«The Day of knowledge the employees of the EMERCOM of Russia will hold a Russian lesson on life safety in more than 40 thousand schools in the country. In addition to open classes, this day will be spent training on emergency evacuation, demonstrations of fire and rescue, and demonstration of firefighting and rescue equipment», — said the press officer.

According to him, also in almost 38 thousand kindergartens from September 1, MOE staff will carry out interactive games, they showed the children the puppets in the shape of fire and rescue and colorful e-brochures. «The objective of these studies is to remind children about the rules of behavior in extreme situations and to practice right action when it occurs», — said the press officer. He noted that all activities will be conducted in the framework of the «safety Month», which runs from 15 August to 15 September.

«With the faculty and staff before the school year was held briefings and worked out a means of escape from smoke-filled areas involving technology and means of protection of respiratory organs. Employees of territorial bodies of EMERCOM of Russia focus students ‘attention on the rules of conduct in situations depending on the region and possible local risks», — reminded in a press-service.

Also during September in all regions of the country will host tours at the fire stations, museums and exhibitions of EMERCOM of Russia.