In the Donskoy monastery takes the icon from the Tretyakov gallery

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Unchangability in fotobanka of the don icon of the Mother of God. Archival photoIn the Donskoy monastery takes the icon from the Tretyakov gallery© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Unchangability the image Bank

Donskaya icon of the Mother of God, which is in the Tretyakov gallery, on the 1st of September, according to tradition, will arrive in the capital of the Donskoy monastery.

«Traditionally, for veneration of the faithful in the Donskoy monastery of the State Tretyakov gallery is brought miraculous Donskaya icon of the virgin. The first of September, in celebration of the don icon of our community will be held celebrations on the occasion of the feast day», — told RIA Novosti in the monastery.

Meeting Christian shrines will be held on Thursday at 14.00. The icon will be in the Great Cathedral of the monastery until 3 September, all this time, before it will be done prayers. On Friday, September 1, in the square at the walls of the ancient monastery festival «day of the don icon of Mother of God», which will be attended by representatives Alexander F. Sklyar, Sergei Fedorov, Julia Tuzova, the group «Northern Cross» and «Port,» and the children’s choir «Gloria». Entrance to the event will be free.

The don icon of the virgin, painted in the XIV century by Theophanes the Greek revered as the Protectress Orthodox soldiers and the entire country. The icon received the name «don» in memory of the victory of the Russian army on the banks of the don. This icon was among Russian soldiers on Kulikovo field. According to legend, the virgin Mary helped them in the battle that took place in 1380 to celebrate her Nativity on September 21st (new style).

Donskoy stavropegic (directly subordinate to the Patriarch) of the monastery was founded in 1593. The monastery dedicated to the virgin of the don mother of God, according to legend, was also liberated Moscow from destruction by Khan Kazy-Girey in 1591. The monastery is built on the very spot where the Russian army was expecting a battle with the enemy. Here stood a small camp Church, in which the Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich prayed before an icon of the don mother of God about the good outcome of the forthcoming battle.

Subsequently, the miraculous image was moved to formed a monastery, and in memory of the deliverance of Moscow from the Tatars was established the celebration in honor of Donskoi icon that the Russian Orthodox Church on 1 September, new style. Since 1919 the image is stored in the Tretyakov gallery, but every year on the 1st of September for a few days it is delivered in a Large Cathedral of the Donskoy monastery.