In the OP propose to adopt a new draft law on freedom of conscience

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The head of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations, Iosif Diskin on Thursday proposed to adopt a new Federal law «On freedom of conscience and religious organizations» instead of the current since 1997.

«We need a new edition of the Federal law «On freedom of conscience and religious organizations», emanating from a clear understanding of the new challenges of social development, the role of religious communities and organizations in the spiritual and moral development, protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual, the accepted international obligations,» said Diskin at the round table in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation «the Secular state and the spiritual and moral development.»

The proposal immediately sparked heated debate and criticism from representatives of religious organizations of the Russian Federation.

Diskin explained that «the law must be formulated in recognition of the state that religious organizations are active participants in the spiritual, moral, ethical development, and that the government obliges itself to support this development in a variety of forms.» The head of the Commission, in particular, cited data showing that «two-thirds of Russians consider faith as moral compass».

He also added that today there is «a clear dominance of liberal doctrinairism, acting as civil religion.»

In turn, the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media Alexander Shchipkov, commenting on the initiative, said that to adopt a new version of the Federal law now «there is no acute need — the law is working». «It is unclear what grounds, they are quite blurred. It frightens me,» said he, turning to Diskin.

According to Shipkova, you need to «continue peaceful coexistence» and not to «agitate» society drastic measures. «It is better to move slowly, but calmly,» he said. ROC representative in this matter was supported by the leader of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostals) Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky.