In the USA, the supporter of ISIS* was convicted of possession of explosives

© Fotolia / Vivian SeefeldСудебная system of the United States. Archival photoIn the USA, the supporter of ISIS* was convicted of possession of explosives© Fotolia / Vivian Seefeld

The court in U.S. sentenced to 45 months in prison Detroit resident Sebastian Gregerson, expressing support for the terrorist group «Islamic state», for possession of explosives, according to the newspaper Detroit Free Press.

U.S. authorities began an investigation against Gregerson two years ago after receiving information that he repeatedly expressed support for the IG*. In July 2016 he was arrested while trying to exchange the FBI agent under cover of his gun to Beretta M9 parts grenades containing explosives.

According to the prosecution, «the accused is a supporter of the terrorist organization ISIS*, he bought explosives and other weapons to prepare for participation in violent actions agreed with the IG*».

The Prosecutor’s office demanded to sentence the American to 60 months of imprisonment, claiming that he kept an Arsenal of weapons in the house and could be planning attacks on behalf of ISIS*. However, the judge concluded that 45 months ‘ imprisonment would be appropriate punishment for the accused.

Previously, according to prosecutors, Gregerson have been charged in connection with the purchase of guns through the «questionable source». According to authorities, the man through whom he bought the guns, issued documents in his name, despite the fact that the weapons were intended for Gregerson.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.