Lawyer: the solution to Domodedovo on paid Parking for disabled persons is breaking the law

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in photobacteria of the Domodedovo airport terminal. Archival photoLawyer: the solution to Domodedovo on paid Parking for disabled persons is breaking the law© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

The decision of the airport «Domodedovo» to abolish free Parking for the disabled of the III group contrary to the law, because laws are not installed and its dependence on the disability group, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the regional public organization of people with disabilities «Perspectiva» Lin Nguyen.

Earlier it became known that in «Domodedovo» said rules of Parking: now free Parking for the disabled of the third group are not entitled to. In the airport, RIA Novosti said that the clarification introduced in order to conform with the existing regulatory framework.

«These changes make me like the lawyer puzzled. The airport management claims that they «brought in line with the existing regulatory framework the rules of Parking, making some refinements for the disabled». In fact, these rules soon ceased to comply with both Federal and Moscow legislation,» said Nguyen.

According to him, in Moscow there is a law according to which on each Parking (stop) of vehicles, including some objects of social, transport and engineering infrastructure of the city Moscow, recreation, allocated at least 10% (but not less than one place) for Parking of special vehicles of invalids.

In this case the law says that these Parking spaces should not occupy other vehicles; persons with disabilities have places to Park special vehicles free of charge. According to the lawyer, the Federal law «is completely identical to normal».

«Thus, we see that the laws are not set dependent on the disability of their rights to preferential Parking. In addition, concerns the duty of presenting extracts from inspection certificate for use of this benefit. In our opinion, is an unnecessary requirement, especially it is totally unclear what should be written in this statement. We are now considering sending an appeal to the airport about the need to bring Parking regulations in accordance with the laws,» said Nguyen.