Libya has detained a tanker suspected of smuggling fuel

© Photo : DennixoЛивия. Archive photoLibya has detained a tanker suspected of smuggling fuel© Photo : Dennixo

Libyan authorities detained off the West coast oil tanker under the flag of Tanzania on suspicion of illegal transportation of fuel, according to Agence France-Presse with reference to representatives of the Navy and coast guard.

«Was in Zanzibar tanker Rex under the flag of Tanzania was intercepted,» said the Agency representative of the Libyan Navy Ayub Qassem. According to him, the vessel, allegedly illegally transported Libyan fuel. How many people were on Board the tanker during the detention, is not specified.

As stated by the official representative of the coast guard of the country of Abu Ageila, Abdelbari (Abu Ajila Abdelbarri), on Wednesday in the Libyan waters were also detained Maltese trawler for fishing without permission.

Both ships sent to Tripoli, where the authorities are expected to conduct the questioning of crews.