Life on the water: the best projects of floating cities in the event of a flood

© Seasteading InstituteПроект of HydropolisLife on the water: the best projects of floating cities in the event of a flood© Seasteading Institute

Valery Spiridonov.

The greenhouse effect and the melting of glaciers is no longer a myth and not even the near future, and the real reality. The global sea level rises quickly, which entails the gradual withdrawal of the coastal areas under water. If in early 90-ies of the last century, annual growth was only 2.2 mm, the end of 2014 this figure reached to 3.3 mm. the worst thing is that he continues to grow. Humanity, somehow, forced to think. One of the most interesting solutions of steel floating city.This topic seems fantastic, but in many European countries has long been successfully used floating homes that are literally teetering on the water. So why not design a city?

Seven ingenious projects Hydropolis awaiting implementation

While the construction of floating cities is under development because of the impressive cost. According to preliminary calculations the price of a standard apartment in the metropolis on the water will start from 800 thousand dollars. At the moment, investors doubt the payback of the enterprise, because such pleasure can afford only very wealthy people. However, some projects are so good that they should get together already.

The issue of the Maritime cities was particularly interested in the Institute of marine settlements in San Francisco, United States and Dutch company DeltaSync. Together they announced a special contest for designing floating cities. Their main purpose — the fight against overpopulation and climate change on land.

Despite all the progressive ideas of floating Islands, many people negatively. The construction of powerful ultra-modern cities will inevitably require huge financial costs. Therefore, rich businessmen will build eco-friendly city for billionaires, but ordinary people risk being left with their problems.