Medina named Ryumin singer original talent

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The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called Lyudmila Ryumin singer original talent and a real connoisseur of Russian folklore.

Ryumin — performer of Russian folk songs, founder and Director of the Moscow state ensemble «Rus» — has died on 69-m to year of life. In 1999, she founded the Moscow cultural folklore center, where he was artistic Director, chief stage Director and costume designer.

«Did not the Lyudmila Ryumina, the singer’s unique talent and rare spiritual generosity, a wise and helpful mentor. Lyudmila Georgievna has dedicated his life to the high ideals of service to his native culture, was a true connoisseur of Russian folklore. Her songs, filled with the bright images and meanings, knew and loved people of different generations,» says the telegram on behalf of the Minister.

According to him, Ryumin was a man of great creative energy and strong character, she multiplied a rich tradition of folk singing, brought a lot of young artists. Her departure is a great loss for Russian art, Medinsky said.