MegaFon: on the abolition of intra-network roaming may require additional time

CC0 / Public Domain / Man talking on the phone. Archival photoMegaFon: on the abolition of intra-network roaming may require additional timeCC0 / Public Domain /

MegaFon expects to meet established Federal Antimonopoly service period for the abolition of fees for intra-network roaming, however, does not exclude that this may require an additional one to two months, because of the need to change the organization of communication that exists in Russia, said the General Director of the operator Sergey Soldatenkov in a conference call.

In mid-July, the FAS warned the operators of the «big four» — MTS, «Megaphone», «Vympelcom» (Beeline brand) and Tele2 — on the need to eliminate unreasonable differences in the tariffs in the home area and when travelling in Russia. Service ordered to get rid of the difference in prices to 13 August. In mid-August, the service at the request of the operators extended the deadline to December 15.

According to Soldatenkov, for the abolition of fees for intra-network roaming operator needs to cancel options and to change the tariffs, and will also require changing the existing in the Russian Federation of the scheme of organization of communication by which transfer of traffic between the regions is carried out through networks of long-distance communications, which may incur additional costs.

«There is a parallel organization of communication in Russia, which included «an arm» as a long-distance call. So, naturally, we look at the losses we bear the implementation of this regulation of the FAS, and hope that we will be able, by changing the organization of communication, to compensate for our losses on intra-network roaming,» said Soldatenkov. He mentioned «Rostelecom» — the largest long distance carrier.

Soldatenkov expects that the company will have time until 15 December to comply with the requirement of the FAS, however, did not rule out that may require additional time.

«Today we know which way we should go. The time we have for this (the removal of intranet roaming – ed.) is. Perhaps, if we do not manage to change the tariff policy and the organization of communication, it can be extended – I think that a maximum of one to two months. But, nevertheless, we are ready for it, for us it is not something unexpected,» — said the head of the company.

According to him, the company expects that it will not affect its revenue.

Commercial Director of «MegaFon» Vlad Wolfson added that today, 80% of the company’s subscribers either have minutes long distance roaming included in the plan, or use options that reduce the cost of minute «is actually the one which allows you to use it without restrictions.»

«So we will certainly have actually to redo all the thousands of our existing tariffs and options, which is a very time consuming task, but understand that this will have a disproportionate impact on revenue. That is significantly less, but, nevertheless, will have,» said Wolfson.