OP follow the progress of the investigation of the girl’s death with HIV in St. Petersburg

© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Chernav laboratory centre Anti-AIDS. Archival photoOP follow the progress of the investigation of the girl’s death with HIV in St. Petersburg© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Black

Public chamber (OP) the Russian Federation intends to monitor the investigation into the death of 10-year-old girl with HIV in St. Petersburg and to ensure that all those responsible were brought to justice, told RIA Novosti the head of Commission OP of the Russian Federation for the support of family, motherhood and childhood Diana Gurtskaya.

The investigating authorities in St. Petersburg conducted preliminary examination on the fact of death in a children’s hospital 10-year-old HIV-positive, according to city GASK of the Russian Federation. According to media reports, the child’s parents refused to give him antiretroviral therapy for religious reasons. Some publications also claim that the girl’s father was an Orthodox priest.

«The situation in St. Petersburg is outrageous that the child was taken into foster care. How was it possible to trust such «parents» the baby? And what will be punished the officials for the decision that killed the child. OP the Russian Federation will closely monitor the situation and achieve justice all the perpetrators,» said Gurtskaya.

According to her, the chamber has repeatedly raised the issue of «so-called deniers» of HIV.

«Our law enforcement, judicial organs and bodies of guardianship and guardianship show a surprising neglect of this threat topic. Recall that recently the court in Tyumen dismissed the case against mother who treated my daughter from HIV, in connection with reconciliation of the parties. After we with the Secretary of public chamber Valery Fadeev has asked the attorney General, this ruling was made to the Prosecutor’s protest,» — said social activist.