Prediction: the Russians will spend one trillion rubles on sweets in 2017

© Fotolia / mitrs3Сладости Archival photoPrediction: the Russians will spend one trillion rubles on sweets in 2017© Fotolia / mitrs3

Sales of confectionery in Russia in 2017 could exceed 1 trillion rubles, an average Russian will spend on sweets about 7 thousand rubles, or almost 20 per day; that amount can buy either two waffle stuffed with sweets, or a handful of caramel, or three to four sticks of medium size, is spoken in the message of the research Center of the confectionery market (CICR).

«The expenses of Russians for the purchase of confectionery products in 2017 is expected to average per person is about 7000 rubles per year, which roughly corresponds to spending of $ 19 per day per person,» reads the study.

«What can you buy for 20 rubles a day from confectionery? It might be three or four medium size stick weighing 30-40 grams, or 6-8 pieces of sugar cookies 70-80 grams, or a few slices of chocolate 20-25 grams, or 2-3 chocolate candy, or, finally, a bit of caramel in the range of 100 grams», — explained in ZIKR.

In addition, according to the center, this year the expenses on purchase of confectionery products is likely to be higher than last year’s figure of 6,6 thousand roubles a year per person. Overall confectionery sales in 2017 can overcome the level of 1 trillion rubles against 979,5 billion in 2016. For the first half of 2017, according to Rosstat, the growth of sales of all types of confectionery products amounted to 4.7% — 468,6 billion.

Overall, while Russia remains the level of consumption of confectionery in 24 kilograms per year per person and up to the end of current year essential growth of this indicator is expected. Current consumption volumes correspond roughly to the pre-crisis level in 2014, but with a slightly different structure, which is dominated by pastries, including pies and cakes at 11.4 kg per year per person on average. Chocolate confectionery accounts for 4.7 kilograms per year per person, of sugar confectionery products — by 7.9 kg per year per person, including caramel.

The consumption of confectionery in Russia remains at a relatively low level. Especially in comparison with developed European countries with which we have a lot of similarities in the patterns of consumption of sweets where sweets eat half, and in the case of separate categories even several times more.