Requests for cryptocurrency in Russia for six months increased three times

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobasketball bitcoin. Archival photoRequests for cryptocurrency in Russia for six months increased three times© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The Russians in June looking for information about the cryptocurrency market was 3.5 times higher than in early 2017, according to a study by Google.

«From January to June, the number of queries about the industry as a whole increased by more than 250%,» — said in a release. Among all the queries in the first half with the word «as» 69 took the place of the query «how to mine bitcoin», and ranking queries involving the word «who», «who» and «who are» on the 27th place was the query «who are the miners».

The number of queries is devoted to the types of cryptocurrencies, from the beginning of year has grown more than 6.6 times. Most people interested in the currency of Ethereum — the number of queries about this crypto-currency has increased more than 8.6 times. The number of requests about the bitcoin has increased more than 3.2 times.

Amid growing interest in the cryptocurrency market users were more likely to seek information about the mining, analysts say. So, the total number of such requests has increased 6.6 times. The biggest growth of interest in this industry was observed in Khabarovsk Krai (309%).

The Chinese online trading platform AliExpress was previously reported that in June observed the increased demand of the Russians on the video card, which may be associated with a desire to use them for cryptocurrency. AliExpress users were actively looking for particular models that are most appropriate to create a «cryptoform», for example, GTX1060 GeForce, Radeon GTX1070 and RX480. Among the main interests of buyers on the platform — bitcoin miners: then in a month the number of requests for «bitcoin miner» has increased by 150%. Analysts pointed out that the surge of interest in performance is observed after a broad announcement about the possibility of the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Many countries have opened their markets to cryptocurrencies, however, the Russian authorities are wary of this issue. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the Bank of Russia intends first to examine thoroughly the principles of the cryptocurrency and then introduce their regulation, which depends on whether to consider them simply as a digital asset or account of their monetary character.