Smart airport: why in China «employ» artificial intelligence

© AP Photo / Andy WongПассажиры with Luggage at the international airport of Beijing capital, China. Archival photoSmart airport: why in China «employ» artificial intelligence© AP Photo / Andy Wong

Beijing international airport «Beijing capital» is one of the largest airports in the world, he is consistently ranked in the top ten busiest airports of the world. Wanting to improve the quality and speed of service as well as safety, the airport has signed a contract with Baidu for the installation of special equipment with advanced artificial intelligence technology to organize the screening of passengers and landing them on Board.

The representative of Department on international communications, Baidu Yan Shuang told RIA Novosti that at this stage is testing the technology on the staff of the airport, but in the near future it is planned to start full operation of the new system.

«This is not a draft–day, we entered into a strategic partnership with the international Beijing airport on 23 August and began testing our devices with facial recognition technology in their mission control center. We decided to take a holistic approach. At this stage the device is applicable only to center staff upon their arrival to work and leaving downtown,» said Yan Shuang.

According to her, the company will soon expand the use of this technology, and it will be used to recognize the passengers under control.

In addition to face recognition, Baidu plans to automate help Desk, which will provide information on the location at the airport, flight schedules and other necessary data to passengers.

The company does not intend to be limited to work only with the Beijing airport «by the end of this year we plan to start the cooperation with other airports in the country, currently actively in the process of discussing the application of our technologies in a number of airports of China.»

Confidence and safety

Yan Shuang told about the immediate work to be undertaken by the artificial intelligence.

«When the passenger passes the security check, our system takes a picture of it and stores the in a database, and later it will be used in the facial recognition of the passenger during boarding the flight,» she said.

«When boarding the plane passengers will no longer need a boarding pass or ID when access is allowed on the flight, our facial recognition system will identify passengers and provide them with the necessary security clearances,» said Yan Shuang.

Company Baidu says that the fear of operation errors of artificial intelligence is not necessary, as technologies allow us to inspect almost one hundred percent accuracy what the person is impossible to achieve.

«Face recognition technology, Baidu has achieved greater accuracy than a person can accomplish. Installed airport devices will be configured from the very high limit of accuracy of determination of identity, so the possibility of error is practically reduced to zero», — said the representative of the company.

She emphasized that «over 99% of passengers should have no problem in passing the test, but if someone does not pass the control of the system, he or she will undergo further testing, which must show ID».

The company believes that these technologies will greatly enhance the convenience of the airports and their safety.

Company Baidu was founded in 2000. Provides various web services, including search engine Baidu. In 2005, the company completed an IPO on NASDAQ. Recently, the company is actively engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence technology.