Study: England has become Islamophobic, but proimmigrant configured-

© RIA Novosti / William Westerplatte in fotobanka against Islamization in LondonStudy: England has become Islamophobic, but proimmigrant configured-© RIA Novosti / William Websterphreaky the image Bank

Residents of the UK steel benevolence to treat immigrants, but the country has increased the level of Islamophobia, the study by Hope Not Hate, The Guardian reports.

Representatives from Hope Not Hate surveyed more than four thousand people across the UK.

According to the survey, 39% of Britons are loyal to the immigrants. However, due to the recent terrorist attacks have forced 42% of people to treat Muslims with suspicion.

And about 50% of people support the idea of limiting human rights in the country «to combat terrorism». Approximately the same number of respondents consider Islam as a «threat to the West».