The CEC noted the interest in the September elections abroad

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photosangelina day of voting. Archival photoThe CEC noted the interest in the September elections abroad© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

. International monitoring as such, in the single voting day September 10 is not organized, but interest in the campaign by representatives of other States; track the elections will be for the Embassy and Consulate generals, journalists of foreign media, experts told RIA Novosti member of the CEC of Russia Vasily Likhachev.

«We did not invite anybody, and official observers at the elections on 10 September will not be. But this does not mean that they will remain outside of the political and professional attention of the outside world. In my own experience I know that will be the most attentive observers, analysts on the basis of embassies and consulates-General of various States accredited in the Russian Federation», — said Likhachev, who oversees CEC issues of international cooperation.

Despite the fact that the upcoming elections will be the regional representatives of other countries are showing interest in this subject, he said. This is evidenced by the interest of some foreign media, which journalists were accredited to the information center of the CEC. To date, 17 foreign journalists officially accredited to work in this election, he said.

«As example, called the Japanese newspaper Mainichi, register correspondent Deutschlandradio, point of interest such as the weekly Spiegel – Germany interest shown by the Arab media, in particular TV channel «al-Mayadin» – Lebanon, several groups of journalists accredits broadcaster NHK – Japan,» — said Likhachev.

Interest in the election show and analysts from several Western countries, he said, is not a classical international observers, they are experts in the field of political, electoral analysis.

«One conclusion: these elections can not be of interest to abroad to the West and East of the community of States. Because people understand that September 10 is not only the regional and municipal elections, but it is one of the main regional units of government for the Russian Federation as a whole», — said the CEC member.

In addition, he suggests, from their point of view may be of interest and specific practice — experience in the implementation of innovations in the electoral legislation.

«This experience is really very important, interesting, I want to say that it is being actively developed. I just flew in from Mari El Republic, before it was in Udmurtia, Mordovia, Penza region. It is important to note that our colleagues in the regions — leaders, members of electoral commissions — really read, studied and actually learn this new Russian electoral legislation, which is in the trend of democracy and the rule of law,» — said Likhachev.