The court sought with «the System» 57,2 billion roubles for the loss of Bashneft shares

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotobounce company AFK Sistema. Archival photoThe court sought with «the System» 57,2 billion roubles for the loss of Bashneft shares© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The arbitration court of Bashkortostan ruled with AFK «System» of 57.2 billion rubles for the loss of «Bashneft» shares «daughters» AFK without taking into account the weakening of the ruble, therefore, the claim is not fully satisfied, according to the text of the judgment.

«The court believes that defendants adopted the decision on reorganization is a method of asset Stripping of companies «Bashneft», because the terms of the reorganization, which resulted in the company «Bashneft» was the incurred losses determined at the discretion of the defendants. The conduct of the reorganization in January-may 2014, immediately before the taking of stock in court in November 2014 indicates the intention of the defendants to use the corporate reorganization proceedings primarily for illegal withdrawal of assets of controlled companies», — stated in the decision.

The court decided that in the result of reorganization of «Bashneft» was deprived of 36.9 billion loan (his company forgave «daughter» AFK), and 12.5 billion rubles spent on the purchase of shares from dissenting with the reorganization of the shareholders. Total came out to 49.4 billion rubles, but taking into account dollar exchange rate, this amount exceeded $ 79 billion. Taking into account the value of the shares of the «System-invest» at 57.2 billion rubles, the ownership of which has lost Bashneft, the court sought to AFK 136,27 billion.

Simplified the main transaction in the reorganization can be thought of as an exchange of assets between the «Bashneft» and «daughter» AFK «System-invest». Among other things, the reorganization of the oil company as a result lost packet of 49.4% of shares of the «System-invest», which the plaintiffs estimated at 57.2 billion. The amount of the claim of «Rosneft» to the AFC was formed from this amount of the loan at 36.9 billion rubles and spending on the repurchase of shares from minority shareholders at 12.5 billion rubles — total 106,6 billion.

At the preliminary hearing, «Rosneft» has increased the amount of the claim until 170,6 billion. The plaintiffs moved received in 2014, the loss in dollars at the then exchange rate, citing the fact that the activities of oil companies focused on exports, including reserves on possible losses they hold in dollars. And then the dollar amount they counted in rubles according to the course of 2017, thus obtaining 170,6 billion.