The government will discuss the draft law on combating illegal traffic

© AP Photo / AFIФуры. Archival photoThe government will discuss the draft law on combating illegal traffic© AP Photo / AFI

The government of Russia at session on Thursday will discuss the draft law improving the licensing of activity on transportation of passengers by motor transport, said the Cabinet.

In reference to the bill explains that he «aimed at combating the illegal regular transport of passengers performed by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs under the form of customized for their own needs».

«It is proposed to amend legislation, excluding the circumstance under which the carriage of passengers and Luggage by road and urban ground electrical transport can be carried out a notification procedure without obtaining a license», — stated in the certificate.

In addition, the government will discuss the draft state program «Social-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation» and the draft supplementing the tax code of the country. It is proposed to introduce a provision that would exempt from tax the income of individuals received as compensation through the compensation Fund of shared construction.

Another topic of discussion will be the project offering to Supplement the Administrative code provision providing for the recovery of individual entrepreneurs has committed an administrative offence, the costs in the case of this offence.

The Cabinet will also discuss a project that enshrines the normative use of national information systems in the civil service.