The Ministry of education is ready to help in the verification of violations during the filming of «While all the houses»

© Photo : press service of the Ministry of education Rossiiskaya in the Ministry of education and science. Archive photoThe Ministry of education is ready to help in the verification of violations during the filming of «While all the houses»© Photo : press service of the Ministry of education and science

The Ministry of education is ready to provide the Prosecutor General’s office detailed information on the allocation of funds for filming videopasportov orphans to transfer «While all houses», reported the press service of the Ministry.

«Today the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation not addressed in the Ministry of education on this issue. At the same time, the Ministry is ready to provide detailed information to the Prosecutor General’s office if necessary,» — said the press service.

Earlier, the representative of SE Alexander Kurennoy said that the Agency checks the information about violations during the shooting of the TV program «While all houses» on the First channel, in particular, the use of 110 million rubles for videos about the orphans. According to three, Prosecutor General’s office organized a check of information about violations, previously placed in the media.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that the production of so-called videopasportov orphans of the rubric «you will Have a baby» in the framework of the program «While all houses» the money was taken from several sources: from the state, from the channel and from sponsors.

In August it became known that the First channel in the new season will not buy the program «While all houses». According to the RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation, such decision is connected with the results of the audit during which it became clear how the funded program. The presenter of the program «While all houses» Timur Kizyakov said that the sponsoring company has not transferred money to the accounts of the programme and sent them to the guardianship. According to him, public funds allocated for the program was provided for strict accountability. As noted, the presenter believes the slander reports of program sources.

Earlier in December, at a seminar-meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva drew the attention of the regions to unfair work funds for children in families that are not related to the relevant programme and provide up to 30% of the return of children, Recalling the work of TV presenter Timur Kizâkova which prepares the relevant passports for orphans and helps their device in the family.

The program «While all houses» was first aired in 1992 and has since done this every Sunday at 10.30 am, noted on the project website. The program is supplied «just in time for family Breakfast with one side of the screen at the table — the family viewers, with another — the family of the famous artist, writer, sportsman or a musician.» The permanent host of the show was Timur Kizyakov. Kizâkova wife Elena led a heading «you will Have a baby».