The Ministry of education said that in some regions September 1 will open a new school

© Photo : press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow/ Denis Grissinomayer Sergei Sobyanin, the new school in Nekrasovka. Archive photoThe Ministry of education said that in some regions September 1 will open a new school© Photo : press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow/ Denis Grishkin

On the Day of knowledge in different regions of Russia will open 76 new schools, which are equipped with modern classrooms, gyms and libraries, the press service of the Ministry of education and science.

«The Day of knowledge will open its doors 76 new schools. Just this year, at the expense of means Federal and regional budgets will be built and put into operation 170 new schools, 83 of which in the framework of priority project «development of modern educational environment for pupils», — stated in the message.

So, according to the Agency, 1 September in Kazan will open prelingually and multidisciplinary gymnasium №180 at 1224. Children will be able to study in Tatar and Russian classes, while choosing a technical or IT direction. In Naberezhnye Chelny on September 1 to open the secondary school №41 on 1224 students with two swimming pools and two gyms, one of which has a climbing wall.

In the Bryansk region commissioned Starodubskaya secondary school №3, and «Snicka school» Bryansk district. Both schools can accommodate 500 people. In Ryazan will open the school No. 75, which has a hall and three sports halls, the area of one of them is 800 square meters.

In the village Roadside Samara region students will take secondary school «Educational center «South city» for 1.5 thousand places. It has modern blocks of classrooms for elementary and high school, four sports halls, a library with media center, a reading room with library, dining room with two dining halls and a foyer with a winter garden.

In Ekaterinburg will open the «French school» No. 39, designed for 550 children. In Chelyabinsk schoolchildren take education center No. 2 at 1175 students, equipped with modern playgrounds, specialized classrooms, a cinema and a swimming pool. In composition the educational center includes a kindergarten. For children with disabilities include elevators, restrooms and purchased devices for the hearing impaired.

In addition, the Day of knowledge will open the «Makowska osnovnaya obshheobrazovatelnaya SHKOLA» Volzhsky municipal district of the Mari El Republic with 120 seats and a secondary school №3 of the municipal formation Starominsky district of Krasnodar region 400 seats.

According to the Ministry of education, new schools on 1 September will be opened in Chechnya, Tatarstan, Mari El, the Krasnodar territory, the Kemerovo, Samara, Bryansk, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions.

The Ministry recalled that to ensure increase of accessibility and quality of General education in the Russian Federation through the creation of new places in schools Ministry of education and science oversees the implementation of the priority project of the government of the Russian Federation «the Creation of a modern educational environment for students.» The project will last until 2025, with annual funding. In 2017 for its implementation from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation presented grants in the amount of 25 billion rubles.