The Pope asked the Jews to pray for him

© AP Photo / Andrew MedichiniПапа Roman Francis in Vatican cityThe Pope asked the Jews to pray for him© AP Photo / Andrew Medichini

The delegation of the rabbinical Council of Europe, headed by the chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt has presented the Vatican with Pope Francis document «Between Jerusalem and Rome,» urging the Catholic Church to join the Jews in the fight against radical Islam.

«The new document presented by the Jewish community calls the Church to join the Jewish organizations in the fight against one of the main problems of mankind, namely, the problem of radical branches of Islam that are a danger to society and threaten peace in the world» — said RIA Novosti in the press service of Goldschmidt.

«Between Jerusalem and Rome» — the answer to the current for about 52 years of the Declaration of the Catholic Church of Nostra Aetatе, according to which Catholics have abandoned the hostility and committed itself to establishing friendly relations with the Jews.

«This is a historic moment in relations between our two faiths. Nostra Aetate established a certain tone for the past 50 years, and we hope that «Between Jerusalem and Rome» will continue this work. The time when the two religions were at war over. There are many problems in the field of solutions which we can cooperate, and I hope that we will usher in a new phase of joint work», — said chief Rabbi of Moscow.

In response, the Pope noted that the Declaration «Between Jerusalem and Rome» are not silent on the theological differences between the religions.

«Your document is addressed to Catholics referred to it as «partners and close allies, friends and brothers in search of a better world with social justice, and security»» the Document declares that «despite the deep theological differences, Catholics and Jews share common beliefs», and that «religion must use moral moral behaviour and religious education (not the war, coercion or social pressure) to influence and inspire». This is the most important,» said the Pontiff.

In parting, he asked the rabbis to «remember» him «in their prayers».