The Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin and «Education» signed the cooperation agreement

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich photobacteria in the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin. Archival photoThe Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin and «Education» signed the cooperation agreement© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

State Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin (Pushkin Museum) and «Education» together will create educational materials in various disciplines and to organize a regional exhibition.

On Thursday, the Director of the Museum Marina Loshak and the President of JSC «Management company «Enlightenment» Vladimir Orson signed a cooperation agreement. It involves methodical work on training materials in various disciplines, the organization of regional exhibition projects program of workshops, seminars, which subsequently can become a professional development program for teachers. Also in the plans of the Museum and publishing house attraction in the Museum of large families and orphans.

«I think that in this cooperation lies a lot of important prospects, when two such important institutions bearing the same meanings, which are aimed at educating in the traditional sense of the word, it is education and not education, is much wider. Traditions inside of our Museum, which was created by the Professor of the Moscow state University, as an academic, for the sake of enlightenment, and the gene for us is still the most important one,» said the mule.

Loshak said that children are the favorite audiences of the Museum, which he not only accepts that but and raises. All the people who pass through the Museum, call themselves «Pushkin’s children» and the club these graduates is constantly growing.

«Moscow is a very important point on our map, but certainly we need this movement to carry out. And very important as children who are not always able to come to our Museum can become a part of our lives,» said Director of the Pushkin Museum.

In turn Orson reminded that September 1 children go to school, and the publisher will provide content to them. «This will give us a few travelling exhibitions, because today the regional state museums have become the center of people’s education. Therefore, we together with (Pushkin) Museum will be able to create a number of programs for our country. This is our main task», — he said.