The Russians want to attract to the polls, the flash mobs, memes and selfies, media reported

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photosangelina day of voting. Archival photoThe Russians want to attract to the polls, the flash mobs, memes and selfies, media reported© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Flash mobs, memes and selfies can attract Russians to the presidential elections, such methods of disseminating information about the elections in 2018, found the newspaper «Vedomosti» in the bid of the developer of the concept of information.

Earlier, the press service of Russia’s Central election Commission announced that by the end of the competition to develop the concept of advocacy, the winner was the company «IMA-consulting», it could be a contract for the implementation of this concept taking into account the recommendations of the jury without competitive procedures. The implementation of the concept, as estimated by the developer, would cost about $ 40 million rubles.

«It is provided in social networks: from monitoring and responding to «negative» to flash mobs offering «to reach the election» or take a selfie at a polling station (for the good shots would be possible to hand over letters of the CEC to propose «IMA-consulting»),» — write «Vedomosti», listing some of the items the concept.

It is noted that in order to disseminate information about the elections can be used memes. «In social networks also proposed the use of memes – easily distributed semantic unit: as an example of such a meme, a concept the authors propose the phrase: «Where did Malakhov? On elections», — adds the newspaper.

The publication says, citing the Director of «IMA-consulting» Vartan Sarkisov, the concept of ready advocacy from his company yet, only «pre-creative development». «The main work will begin now – as a result, the CEC needs to obtain and test several variants of the concept,» adds the newspaper.

Announcing earlier creative competition to create concept awareness-raising activities of the CEC during the preparation and conduct of elections of the President, the election Commission has sent proposals to participate in the 15 major media companies and PR agencies. In the end, the competition was attended by seven of them.