The Spanish Catholics caused a scandal, bowing to the pagan God Ganesha

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Phonologically religious festival of Ganesha. Archival photoThe Spanish Catholics caused a scandal, bowing to the pagan God Ganesha© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Pakhomov

In Spain, a scandal erupted after the General vicar of the diocese, located in Ceuta and Melilla, allowed the Hindus, the worshipper of the pagan God Ganesha, to hold a parade in the Catholic Church, reports Crux.

In addition, local Catholics sang the hymn dedicated to the virgin Mary, before the image of the elephant-like Ganesha. The local diocese admitted that such blasphemy could not be tolerated, and accepted the resignation of the guilty priest.

Ganesha — Hindu God with the body of the child and the head of an elephant. He is worshiped as God is the protector of good fortune.

In a statement the diocese said that the conviction occurred in any case should not be seen as hostility towards the community of Hindus. But urged the priests of Ceuta and Melilla to be «more faithful to the Christian tradition.»

Ceuta and Melilla — two large enclave in North Africa, which from the time of the Reconquista owns Spain. As part of Spain, these territories are part of the European Union and the currency use the Euro. Despite this, neighbouring Morocco considers Ceuta and Melilla to be their land.