The state prosecution will ask for punishment for the hostage taker at Citibank

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/ Tereschenko Michaelmartin, seized Bank branch on Bolshaya Nikitskaya. Archive photoThe state prosecution will ask for punishment for the hostage taker at Citibank© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/ Tereshchenko Mikhail

The Moscow district military court on 5 September to engage in debate on the case of capture of hostages in the Moscow office of Citibank, during which the Prosecutor will request punishment for the accused, told RIA Novosti lawyer Stanislav Maltsev.

«On Tuesday, September 5, the court appointed the debate on Aram Petrosyan», — said the lawyer of the accused, noting that after the speech of the Prosecutor, in which he requests the punishment of the defendant, that would probably be the last word.

Petrosyan is accused of terrorism and hostage-taking. Conclusion first, a outpatient, psychological and psychiatric examination testified to the sanity of the boards.

In August 2016 Petrosyan, captured four hostages in a branch of Citibank in Moscow, threatening to blow it up. Then one man released the hostages and surrendered to police. The subject which he gave for the bomb was a fake. As stated by Petrosyan in the interrogation, so he wanted to draw attention to the problem of bankruptcy.

The defendant only plead guilty on charges of hostage-taking, bomb threat, he categorically denies.