The undoubted success of the secret services: the FSB detained terrorists, preparing attacks of September 1

© RIA Novosti / TSOs FSB to Opperate in fotoracconti FSB. Archival photoThe undoubted success of the secret services: the FSB detained terrorists, preparing attacks of September 1© RIA Novosti / TSOs FSB to Opperate the image Bank

FSB officers detained two immigrants from Central Asia, who were preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow and Moscow region. The attack was supposed to happen September 1.

«One of the detainees on the eve of Day of knowledge <…> placed in the Internet his video appeal to the members of the banned terrorist organization ISIS*. In it he gave the so-called allegiance to the terrorists», — reported in the Center of public relations of FSB.

The suspect’s phone found contact the recruiters of the «Islamic state»* and instructions for the preparation of terrorist acts.

Terror tactics

According to special services, one of the militants was about to commit a suicide bombing, another to attack people using edged weapons.

The FSB has published a video of the arrest of militants. On the record shows how one of the men gives the oath of allegiance to ISIS*, followed by footage of the arrest. The FSB has also shown the ax that the suspect has prepared for attacks.

A second suspect during interrogation admitted that he came to Russia, «to perform Jihad, to blow up (on) the indication of the «Islamic state»*.

«At the moment we have no information about these detainees,» he told RIA Novosti adviser of the Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia Sarvar bakhti.

Press-attaché of the Embassy of Uzbekistan Alisher Usmanov and the press Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan Zhanar Celebrate also noted that they have no data on individuals detained.

In turn, the press attache of the Kyrgyz Embassy in Russia Gulbarchyn Baimbetov said that the Embassy is not aware of whether the detained citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

The undoubted success of the intelligence

Member of the Council on foreign and defense policy of Russia Alexander Mikhailov said that the attempt of major attacks on 1 September was quite predictable. According to experts, fighters often choose significant dates and holidays.

«It is clear that in those days, put into effect a special regime, increased security, however, some trying to carry out attacks. We have, unfortunately, had a bitter experience in Beslan. And September 1 is one of the quite predictable», — said Mikhailov RIA Novosti.

A special operation of the FSB, he called the absolute success of the Russian special services.

«It is not even discussed. Prevented large casualties,» said Mikhailov.

The head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov said that the arrest of two immigrants from Central Asia are preparing attacks in Moscow, not a reason to introduce visas with neighbouring countries.

«Close the country to close down from everyone, to introduce a visa regime for all is not the way out. No country in the world in this way is not and should not go, because it’s completely illogical, since such cases are rather the exception,» — said the Deputy.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.The undoubted success of the secret services: the FSB detained terrorists, preparing attacks of September 1Terrorism in the twenty-first century