United Airlines will allocate funds for the victims of «Harvey» employees

© AP Photo / LM OteroНаводнение after hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. 29 August 2017United Airlines will allocate funds for the victims of «Harvey» employees© AP Photo / LM Otero

CEO of United Airlines Oscar muñoz will give to help Fund the organization $ 1 million for employees affected by the hurricane «Harvey», reports Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to the Agency, muñoz in the letter urged employees to donate money to the United We Care Fund to help employees affected by the hurricane.

«We all faced it together, so I personally will add to your donations up to 1 million dollars», — quotes Agency the words of muñoz.

Earlier it was reported that «Harvey», a former hurricane threat, a category four tropical storm, transferred to the status of «tropical depression» with wind speed of 55 kilometers per hour. At the peak power constant wind speed of the hurricane reached 215 kilometres per hour. Now, «Harvey» is located in the Central part of Louisiana.

As a result of flooding caused by the hurricane engulfed large areas of Texas, at least 30 people were killed and more than 13 thousand were saved. According to the evening of Tuesday, 20 thousands of Texas residents remained in shelters due to the disaster.