Political analysts said that would help to increase voter turnout

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova in fotobanka a polling station in a single day of voting. 10 Sep 2017Political analysts said that would help to increase voter turnout© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova the image Bank

Voter turnout can promote the new technology, for example, voting via the Internet, and vibrant election campaign, told RIA Novosti interviewed the Kaliningrad scientists.

Elections of different level have passed in Russia in the uniform voting day on September 10 in 82 of the 85 regions in 16 subjects chose the heads of regions.

«Turnout around the world has a tendency to decrease. We have to look for other forms. For example, in Estonia you can vote via the Internet. And in the last parliamentary elections almost a third of voters voted from home. I think that this is the future. Since antiquity model has not changed – the ward cast ballots. If the digital revolution – it is necessary that it was everywhere,» said the Kaliningrad political scientist Vladimir Abramov.

He noted that voter turnout in the gubernatorial elections in Kaliningrad region was predictable. On Sunday, the single voting day in the region, held early elections of the head of the region, have taken part in it of 39.35%.

«We must bear in mind that Kaliningrad is the third year in a row go to the polls, the fatigue should accumulate, yet not this should be the intensity of electoral activity. And the campaign from the point of view of competition has been fairly weak,» — said Abramov.

The leader of the vote in Kaliningrad region became acting Governor Anton Alikhanov, typing 81,06% of the vote, the representative of LDPR Evgenie Mishin scored 5,47% of the vote, a member of the Communist party Igor Revin has received of 8.89%, the representative of the ecologist party «Green» Ekaterina Timofeeva scored of 2.53%.

«We live in a world of mass culture, the culture of television and the Internet, and the voter pays for their voice of the candidate in many ways, and for any election campaign for a good show. To the regional elections, and Kaliningrad oblast is no exception, the interest of the citizens is not high, in contrast to Federal election campaigns, and therefore relevant to the electoral process fairly smooth,» said Berendeys.

He noted that candidates and voters accustomed to the low turnout of around 35%, because the important thing is not the high percentage winner, and one that makes elections legitimate and recognized by society.

Political analysts said that would help to increase voter turnout© RIA Novosti, Infografiken voting day in Russia