Pope Francis shocked the Colombians their views

© REUTERS / Max RossiПапа Roman FrancisPope Francis shocked the Colombians their views© REUTERS / Max Rossi

Pope Francis startled Colombians: during a trip in the popemobile he cut his eyebrow, as reported by Catholic publication Crux.

The Pope drove through the streets of Cartagena and blessed believers. On one section of the path of the popemobile stopped and the Pope reached out to bless the people, however, the vehicle suddenly drove off and the Pontiff hit the metal wall supporting the glass roof.

As a result of blow of the eyebrows made the blood. Pope Francis received a white handkerchief from one of the members of his guard. The head of the security service of the Pope Domenico Gianni was forced to stop the motorcade to victim assistance.

The head of the press service of the Holy see Greg Burke assured journalists that the health of 80-year-old Pope is not in danger. The Pontiff left a bruise.

The convoy of the head of the Roman Catholic Church were headed to a homeless shelter. The Pope visited Colombia from September 6.