Ralph Fiennes received the citizenship of Serbia

© AP Photo / Joel Ryan/InvisionБританский actor Ralph Fiennes. Archival photoRalph Fiennes received the citizenship of Serbia© AP Photo / Joel Ryan/Invision

Famous British actor, Director and producer Ralph Fiennes has received the citizenship of Serbia, said the Serbian portal official state information «sluzbeni glasnik», which publishes the decrees and decisions.

The decision on admission Fiennes in Serbian citizenship was signed by the head of the government, Ana Brnabic 7 September.

The actor regularly visits Serbia. In particular, in Belgrade he is filming episodes of the film about the world famous ballet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev and in 2010 in Serbia, he worked on the filming of «Coriolanus» by Shakespeare’s play. In June of this year, Fiennes was among the guests at the inauguration of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Ralph Fiennes — film and theater actor, Director and producer. Famous for his role as SS officer Amon goeth in Steven Spielberg’s film «Schindler’s List» and the role of Lord Volan-de-mort in a series of films about Harry Potter, and the films «the English patient», «to lay low in Bruges», «the Reader», «Hotel «Grand Budapest».