The constitutional court accepted the complaint of «Levada-center» in the law on NGOs

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in foobarcontroller court. Archival photoThe constitutional court accepted the complaint of «Levada-center» in the law on NGOs© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova the image Bank

The constitutional court (CC) of the Russian Federation denied the «Levada-center» in acceptance to consideration of complaints of norms of the Federal law on noncommercial organizations (NCOs), allowing them to be included in the registry of foreign agents, the materials on the court’s website.

«To refuse to accept for consideration the complaint of the Autonomous nonprofit organization «Analytical Center of Yury Levada» because it does not meet the requirements… of the law «On the constitutional court of the Russian Federation», under which the complaint in the constitutional court of the Russian Federation is valid», — stated in the definition of the COP, which is not subject to appeal.

As the court noted, the decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation of 8 April 2014 the provisions of the law on NGOs is recognized as not contradicting the Constitution.

«Levada-center» planned to challenge in the constitutional court several provisions of the Federal law «On noncommercial organizations», including rules that allow to include NGOs in the registry registered as a foreign agent in case of detection of relevant indicators. «According to the applicant, the contested provisions allow the unmotivated to take the decision to include non-profit organizations in the register of noncommercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent, excluding the funding received by the organization from foreign sources, and when this financing activity attributable to political activities, and also allow law enforcement authorities to apply these provisions retroactively, spreading their action to the relations arisen prior to their introduction,» — noted in the definition of the COP.

As reported RIA Novosti in September, the Director of «Levada-center» Lev Gudkov, the organization prepares a financial report for its work to its removal from the register of NGOs-«foreign agents». In early October, «Levada-center» will direct the appeal to the justice Ministry with a request to check the center for its withdrawal from the registry.

Introducing the «Levada-center» in the registry it became known in September 2016. Gudkov previously reported that since then, the organization has refused to attract foreign funding and are trying to keep legal provisions for getting rid of junk for themselves the status of «foreign agent». In February 2017, Gudkov told RIA Novosti that the center hopes to get rid of the status of «foreign agent» after check of the Ministry of justice.

In 2012, the law obliged financed from abroad political non-profit organizations to register as «foreign agents.» In 2013, the Ministry of justice received the right to recognize NGOs as «foreign agents» at its own discretion. Russian NGOs have repeatedly expressed their disagreement with the law and appealed against it, including in the European court of human rights. The decision on exclusion from the register is taken if caught in it, nonprofit organizations in the past year did not receive foreign funding or did not participate in political activities.

The center staff specialists in sociology, political science, Economics, psychology, marketing research, organization of mass surveys and data processing. The leading members were trained in research companies in the U.S. and Western Europe.