The ROC proposed to rename non-alcoholic beer to drink for fitness

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Chairman of the Synodal Department of the ROC on relations with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda proposed to rename non-alcoholic beer malt beverage «Sail» to it is not was additional support alcoholic beverages.

«Promotion of soft drinks goes under the same names, same brands, under which there is a promotion of alcoholic beverages. <…> It is only as perverse to call impossible. Any marketer knows that it is the General promotion of the brand, the so-called umbrella brands,» — said Legoyda.

He said that beer producers often claim that non-alcoholic version of the drink is aimed at reduction of alcoholism in the population.

«There is one small suggestion. In one of the reviews I read that non alcoholic beer is a drink for fitness, you can, catching up on fitness, to drink it. And here I have offer — let us call it: malt drink for fitness «Sail», for example. We believe in your sincerity, colleagues, and so make» he said, adding that the idea gives for free and the rights to it will not be required.

Earlier the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the issue of hidden advertising of beer is not only incorrect presentation of information, but to use the term «beer» to the product that is not — «non-alcoholic beer».

At the same time, the company Baltika, the largest beer producer in the country, claims that the drink is so called because in the process of production using fermentation technology. In Russia, beer was considered to be soft, it should be not more than 0.5% ethanol.

The ROC proposed to rename non-alcoholic beer to drink for fitnessRanking of sobriety Russian regions