Battle of the technologies: whether a quantum computer to replace the PC

© Illustration RIA Novostiukraine building a quantum computer developed by D-WaveBattle of the technologies: whether a quantum computer to replace the PC© Illustration RIA Novosti

Few fields of science can boast of such a heated debate, as quantum Informatics. Some scientists actively engaged in research and offer new solutions, others are trying hard to find flaws, proving the impossibility of the existence of universal quantum computers. The lack of a modern PC is obvious — sooner or later will reach the minimum possible size of the classical transistor and the progress will stop.

With the existence of two (or more) qubits that are in the same quantum States, the probability of loss of a bit of information tends to zero. However, otherwise, in different quantum States, they interact, leading to the loss of one bit. It is very difficult to create a large quantum system, whose elements will be well enough to interact, and thus will be fairly well protected from the environment, which can destroy the superposition of qubits.

The researchers acknowledge that at the moment quantum computer is not suitable for the average user. And, to be justified, the price of quantum computers for home use? Do you will need the processing power for watching movies and Internet support?

© Fotolia / hagalili centerBattle of the technologies: whether a quantum computer to replace the PC© Fotolia / hagalili center

Probably quantum computers will replace the current supercomputers in research labs, will become indispensable for modeling complex physical processes. But whether they will be replacing the PC in our home and whether it will be this replacement? We can assume that in our homes will stand the hybrid quantum and classical computers, but how it is exactly now no one can say.

«I believe that the creation of the quantum computer will divide human history into two eras: before and after. By the way, Russia has the opportunity to compete with the most technologically developed countries in the quantum race. The possibility of a quantum computer will not only lead to huge technological leap, but also will provide answers to fundamental questions. So this is really technology of the future. And it is coming faster than you think», — says Alexey Fedorov.