China has said it is maintaining the trend of stable development of the economy

© Fotolia / Savvapanf PhotoВид in Beijing. Archival photoChina has said it is maintaining the trend of stable development of the economy© Fotolia / Photo Savvapanf

A trend of stable development of China’s economy will not undergo the big changes, a small slowdown associated with the scale of the economy, said Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang.

«With regard to China’s economy, one thing is for sure that due to its size we are a little slow, but the whole process is stable and results are good. GDP growth China’s economy grew 6.9 percent, and the trend of the previous half-year will not undergo big changes,» said Li Keqiang at a press conference on the results of the round table with the heads of international financial and economic organizations.

He said that now the Chinese authorities are focused on improving the quality and efficiency of the national economy; carry out structural reform, replacing the old engines of growth, promoting innovation and mass entrepreneurship.

The Chinese Premier stressed that the authorities of the country stabilize the macroeconomic policy will continue to pursue restrained fiscal and monetary policies. «We will do everything in our power to keep medium to high growth of the Chinese economy», — said Li Keqiang.

The authorities in the beginning of the year set the bar GDP growth for 2017 with a rate of 6.5% and above. In the first half, China’s economy grew by 6.9%. The growth rate of China’s GDP in 2016 slowed to 6.7% versus 6.9% in 2015, which was the worst figure for the last 26 years, but this coincided with the official forecast of the authorities, announced in early 2016.