Debt «Discovery» on FB may be charged, according to the Ministry of Finance

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photobacteria Bank Opening. Archival photoDebt «Discovery» on FB may be charged, according to the Ministry of Finance© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The Bank «Opening» can write off the debt on OFZ if, after the assessment of his condition by the Bank of Russia will be clear that the lender lost capital, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev journalists.

ASV in may 2015 under the program of state gave to the Bank «Petrocommerce», and later included in the «FC Opening» and to «FC Opening» OFZ bonds amounting to 65.2 billion rubles. In addition, the Bank «FC Opening» in circulation are three issues of subordinated Eurobonds totaling $ 1 billion.

«I expect that he will be charged, but it depends on what conclusions will make the Central Bank about the state of the Bank»,- said Moiseev.

«But I expect that within the total procedure this kind of instrument is derecognized if the Bank has lost its capital», — said Moiseev.

Of the Central Bank in late August announced measures to rescue the Bank «FC Opening», until recently, the former largest private Bank in Russia. This will be the first rehabilitation using a new mechanism — the Bank of Russia, investing established in the year of the Foundation of the consolidation of the banking sector will become the main shareholder of «Discovery».