Died legendary animator and author of the Disney attractions Xavier Atencio

CC BY 2.0 / Steve / X. AtencioБывший animator and designer of the Disney theme parks, Xavier Atencio from the attraction haunted mansion. Archival photoDied legendary animator and author of the Disney attractions Xavier AtencioCC BY 2.0 / Steve / X. Atencio

Animator, an employee of the Disney company Xavier Atencio, known for its participation in the creation of the cartoon «Pinocchio» and «Fantasia» and rides the «pirates of the Caribbean» and «haunted house», has died at the age of 98, according to the website of the official fan club of the Walt Disney.

«Disney legend, animator and former employee of Walt Disney Xavier «X» Atencio died 10 September at the age of 98 years. He stood for an embodiment in life of ideas of creation of several beloved attractions in Disney parks, including «Pirates of the Caribbean» and «haunted house» as well as classic animated works, such as «Pinocchio» and «Fantasia», — stated in the message the fan club D23.

Atencio got the job at Disney in 1938, two years later, he released his first work – cartoons «Pinocchio» and «Fantasia», which later became a classic animated movie. In the same year he went to war. After the war he returned to the company, where he worked until 1984. After retirement, he continued to advise the employees of Disney.