Embassy in the US responded to the words of the state Department on the «walk» to the Russian departmenti

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in photobombing in the Russian trade representation in Washington. Archival photoEmbassy in the US responded to the words of the state Department on the «walk» to the Russian departmenti© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

The Russian Embassy in Washington considers «openly mocking» review of the U.S. state Department on the situation with the buildings of Russian diplomatic missions, the access to which diplomats had previously been closed by the us authorities.

The US government on August 31 called on Russia to cease diplomatic operations in the Consulate building in San Francisco, and also in the buildings of the trade mission in Washington and the Department trade mission in new York. The Russian side claims that the buildings were illegal searches involving FBI agents and Department of state denied the participation of the Bureau of investigation and is not talking about searches and about the «bypass» and «inspection».

«The considered came from the mouth of the official representative of US state Department H. Nauert comments regarding searches and inspections of Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco and the Russian trade mission in Washington, which were named «walks,» as openly mocking», — said in a statement on the Embassy website.

«In fact, we are talking of unprecedented steps, contrary to bilateral conventions, international law and the domestic law of the United States. Where is the guarantee that the purpose of such «walks» us secret service representatives the next time will not come with a RAID on our other facilities departmenti? Or official representative offices of other States in the United States. If diplomatic immunity is so easily withdrawn by the American side, what to expect next?» — asking the Russian Embassy.

In its statement, the Embassy did not specify what kind of review Nauert mean, however, on Thursday at a briefing, state Department spokesman, speaking about the situation with the penetration in the Russian building of the staff of the U.S. office, used the word tour (literally «round», «round», «inspection»). When reporters pointed out to her that this word does not quite match the situation, Nauert said, «If I used the word «bypass» and it seemed too easy in light of the actions that took place, please forgive me for that.»