Employees of the nuclear enterprise in Britain will hold a strike

© AP Photo / Matt DunhamВид the houses of Parliament in London. Archival photoEmployees of the nuclear enterprise in Britain will hold a strike© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

About three thousand employees of the enterprises for reprocessing of nuclear fuel «Sellafield» (Sellafield) in Northwest England will hold 27 Sep strike to protest the administration’s refusal to negotiate the terms of payment, was announced by the Union GMB.

«Despite repeated our invitation to the administration to return to the negotiating table, it becomes clear that management remains adamant. Three thousand employees in the company of Union members will go on strike on 27 September,» — said in a RIA Novosti the message of the Union.

The strike will begin at 0600 and run for 24 hours.

The Union is seeking for employees adjusting wages according to inflation rate at 3.9%. The administration proposes an increase of 1.5%. Last year the administration had increased staff salaries by 0.25% with inflation rate of 1.8%.