Ex-White house official called to join the «war of ideas» against terrorism

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in photobacteria in the mud the flag of a banned radical Islamic organization ISIS. Archival photoEx-White house official called to join the «war of ideas» against terrorism© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate the image Bank

USA to victory in the 16-year-old campaign against global terrorism, it is necessary to move away from reliance only on military force and apply the ideological defeat of radical movements in Islam, depriving them of the appeal for potential followers, said former Deputy assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka.

Saying that the current administration is finalizing a new national security strategy and «very soon» publish the national counter-terrorism strategy, he expressed the hope that both documents will have significant sections on counter-propaganda.

«The last three administrations – (George) Bush, (Barack) Obama and the current (Donald) trump did an unnaturally large emphasis on physical, violent, military aspects of counter-terrorism… Today, the administration of the tramp we shifted from a strategy of exhaustion to the strategy of destruction. When the President says will destroy ISIS* is good, but needs more,» said Gorka on anti-terrorism conference in the Israeli city of Herzliya.

«Use the body bags as a measure of victory was a bad idea in the days of Vietnam and not much smarter today. On Tuesday we destroy one opponent, but on Friday his place volunteering to take 50 people in the same village… It’s an endless cycle of violence. We need to stop people in their desire to become terrorists, to deprive them of incentives to choose such a lifestyle,» he continued.

Hill urged to join the «war of ideas», to act covertly and explicitly for «undermining the ideology of the enemy.»

He called short-sighted idea that the United States win in its long, anti-terrorism, the war on the grounds that September 11, 2001, when in new York, Washington and Pennsylvania for 102 minutes, killing three thousand people, it was not as large-scale terrorist attacks.

«Jihadism as a global phenomenon on the rise. Over the past three years we have prevented more attacks, which were prepared on American soil than in any comparable period over the preceding 16 years… Perverted version of Islam becoming increasingly popular and modern, what we see in Jordan and Egypt, is systematically under attack. It is bad for Muslims, for all mankind,» said Hill.

«A large number of victims is no longer an end in itself for groups like ISIL*. They switched to other tactics. They brought irregular hostilities on the streets of Europe and America, tactics that are all too familiar to the Israelis… They went from the importation of foreign jihadists to the recruitment and indoctrination of local residents,» he said.

Ex-White house official urged to expand the hunt for the ideologues and preachers of extremism — those who, according to him, «I never pulled the trigger, and blowing up a suicide belt, but has 40 or 200 thousand followers on Twitter».

Continuing, despite his resignation, support of Donald trump, a Hill called the President a «patriot and a pragmatist», which is able to get rid of «ideological blinders» in the fight against terror. «He has a clear eye and understand that America needs to win and win in its longest war. Since 20 January (the date of the inauguration of the trump — ed.) America has changed dramatically, especially in their approach to the fight against terror,» he said.