Experts commented on the growth of US government debt

© AFP 2017 / Timothy A. ClaryСчетчик government debt on times square in new YorkExperts commented on the growth of US government debt© AFP 2017 / Timothy A. Clary

Russia is to continue investing in Treasury securities of the United States, increasing from the current of 102.9 billion, since such investments are the key to safety money and high liquidity of investments, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts.

The Russian Federation June of the current year reduced the amount of reserves in the securities of U.S. Treasury 5.8 billion dollars to 102.9 billion dollars, in annual terms the indicator grew by $ 12 billion, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

«Of course, Russia should continue to invest (in us debt government bonds — ed.) because it (the U.S. — ed.) is a centre of major world currencies, and international reserves — ensuring the safety and liquidity first. It is therefore reasonable that Russia has significant investments in US treasuries,» said economist of «Renaissance Capital» in Russia and the CIS Oleg Kuzmin.

The decrease of the volume of the Russian investments in debt securities of the United States «may be associated with any revaluations», also suggested it.

«I think that is to worry about before. However, the portfolio of investments should always be diversified. Including the state’s «portfolio» — that is, international reserves of the state. Russia in the past few years has advanced on the path of diversifying reserves… With this and the associated reduction in the proportion of reserves that Russia holds in US government securities», — said the Deputy Director of analytical Department of «Alpari» Natalia Milchakova.

«However, to completely abandon investments in US treasuries, in our view, too early,» she said, adding that «it is quite reliable and profitable investment, it is possible to earn».