Kobzon said that Putin gave him on the anniversary of the bronze bison

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in potomacfever Putin and singer Iosif Kobzon with his wife Nina during the meeting. 11 September 2017Kobzon said that Putin gave him on the anniversary of the bronze bison© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

People’s artist of USSR, state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon on Tuesday told reporters that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented to him in honor of his 80th birthday bronze bison.

According to jubilee, the gift he gave after Putin declaimed the epigram Soviet and Russian poet-parodist Alexander Ivanov. «How not to stop a running bison, you can’t stop singing Kobzon (Kobzon gave Putin’s words — ed)… and brought bronze bison» — said Kobzon, during the press conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary and the upcoming concert at the State Kremlin Palace on 20 September 2017.

Previously on the website of the Kremlin reported that Putin congratulated for tea famous singer Joseph Kobzon with his 80th birthday and gave him the picture «miner’s song» by Alexander Zelensky. In addition, Putin signed a decree on awarding Kobzon distinction «For blessing». The award was given for the active charitable and social activities.

Kobzon on Monday celebrated his 80th birthday. Over the years of creativity he has recorded about three thousand songs, and has toured more than 100 countries.

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