Near Novosibirsk the driver overtook the car of children, shot down a pensioner

In the village of Linevo Iskitim district Novosibirsk region, the taxi driver tried to catch up with three children in a stolen car knocked down a pensioner and left the scene of an accident. The incident was caught on video.

On record of surveillance cameras it is visible as violet VAZ-2106 knocks an elderly man, slowly crossing the road. The car throws it and then dragging on the roadway more than ten meters. Then the machine turns and crashing into another parked car, drives away. After it extends standing in front of a taxi.

Another video filmed by the Registrar of the car, whose driver took off after the attacker. The taxi driver was «cut» by VAZ, with the result that the car skidded to a stop and slid off the road on the lawn. No sooner had the car come to a complete stop as he ran out of three teenagers.

«They ran out of the car, two from the front seat, one rear. And ran away. My leg is sore. I was not able to chase after them,» — said the driver edition «Berdsk online».

According to local publication «БК54» abandoned teenagers car stolen. The teenagers left at the salon mobile phone.

The inspector of traffic police Iskitimskiy Olga Yerokhin has confirmed the incident. «Pensioner received closed cherepno-a brain trauma and was hospitalized. At the scene working a patrol crew of traffic police» — she said.

According to the publication «Berdsk online», the victim is 88 years old.