Projects Elon musk will make space more accessible, said the scientist

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Space projects the American entrepreneur and investor Elon musk has already reduced prices on equipment for Russia in space and generally make the space more accessible, told reporters in Novosibirsk on Tuesday, the Deputy Director of joint Institute for high temperatures (JIHT RAS), academician Eduard Sleep.

«I can say that the results that showed Musk, Russia had two effects. The first is the commercialization opportunity. In Russia there are several such projects that could be implemented, in particular, the guide engines. The second effect is that monopoly companies, which are now produced in Russia equipment, were forced to dramatically reduce the cost of their products. I’m talking about the Khrunichev plant (state space scientific production center. M. V. Khrunichev) and other organizations. This is useful,» — said the scientist.

Also, according to him, it is very helpful that today’s youth understand that space is not only the public sector, and it has a place for everyone who is interested.

In turn, the representative of the European space Agency Balazs Toth (Toth Balazs) said that he hoped that such initiatives will make the space more accessible.

«We will be able to use the space. I think that such initiatives will provide new commercial opportunities, and they will be an adequate complement scientific initiatives are being implemented,» he said.