«Proton-M» brought into orbit Spanish telecommunications satellite Amazonas-5

© Photo : official page of «Roscosmos» in the network contactarea proton-M with the SPACECRAFT Amazonas-5. Archive photo«Proton-M» brought into orbit Spanish telecommunications satellite Amazonas-5© Photo : the official page of «Roskosmos» in the network VKontakte

The carrier rocket «proton-M» with the upper stage «breeze-M» brought into geostationary orbit telecommunications satellite Amazonas-5 in the interests of Spain, told RIA Novosti the representative of «Roscosmos».

«Proton-M» launched on 11 September at 22.23 Moscow time from Baikonur, September 12 brought to the target orbit using the upper stage «breeze-M» communications satellite Amazonas-5″, — said the Agency interlocutor.

The spacecraft delivered to geosynchronous orbit with an altitude of 36 thousand kilometers.

Telecommunications satellite Amazonas-5 manufactured by Space Systems Loral (USA) on the order of Hispasat (Spain). The spacecraft is designed for providing services in the field of television, corporate networks and telephone communications on the territory of South and Central America.

The contract to provide launch services to launch the Spanish satellite using the carrier rocket heavy class «proton-M» and booster «Briz-M» concluded the company International Launch Services Inc. (ILS, Reston, USA), engaged in the promotion of «Proton» in the foreign market. ILS is a subsidiary of the Khrunichev Center, the developer and manufacturer carriers «proton» and upper stages «Briz-M».

The launch of «SP-5» became the 95th launch of the carrier rocket «proton» in the framework of contracts concluded ILS.

The company «SOGAZ» has insured the risks of running, including the carrier rocket «proton-M» upper stage «breeze-M», fairing, the transitional system for the launch of the spacecraft and the satellite.