The center-right coalition celebrates his victory in the elections to the Parliament of Norway

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade photolanguage in the world. Oslo. Archival photoThe center-right coalition celebrates his victory in the elections to the Parliament of Norway© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The center-right coalition led by the current Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg after counting 95 percent of ballots celebrates victory in the parliamentary elections and can claim to 89 seats in the 169-seater Storting, according to the Directorate of elections in the country.

The ruling coalition of the conservative «Right» and liberal-conservative «Party of progress» after treatment 95% of the ballots show the result in 25.1% (26.8% in 2013) and 15.3% (16.3% in 2013) of the votes respectively. Together with its allies — the «Left» which gained 4.3% and the «Christian people’s party» with 4.2%, the center-right coalition can claim to 89 seats in the 169-seat Parliament and the right to form a government.

However, the coalition is not yet defined. «We have time to think, discuss and to find a suitable form of cooperation for the next four years,» said Solberg at a meeting of leaders of parties in the night on Tuesday.

«This is the victory of the team. We have received support for four new years, due to the fact that achieved results and fulfilled promises,» added Solberg, speaking to the assembled supporters of the «Right-wing» party, who chanted «four new years».

The greatest number of votes as in the elections in 2013 received the social Democrats of the «workers ‘ party», gaining 27.4 percent, but the party leader Jonas Gahr støre will not be able to form a government, not gaining a majority in Parliament. In addition, the «working party» shows the worst result in 16 years — in the 2013 elections, the party won 30.8 per cent of the votes. The center-left coalition gets 80 seats.

«These elections were a great disappointment to the «workers ‘ party». Lot of emotions right now, it is too early to draw conclusions, but it’s never too early to say thank you,» admitted støre after the publication of the preliminary results and thanked everyone who supported his party. He also added that he is not going to resign after the election, and will be finalized before the end of term in office as labour leader.

According to preliminary results, improved performance indicators of last elections, «the centre Party», receiving 10.4 percent of the votes, and «Left socialist party» with 5.9% of votes. Increased support and «green», which, however, could not overcome the barrier of 4%.

In 2013, the management of «Right» and the «Party of progress» led, Solberg managed to form a minority government and act as a unified team. To their lot fell the decline in the oil industry after the fall in oil prices, the immigration crisis, rising unemployment and other problems.

Solberg is in favour of restructuring the economy to escape from oil dependence, increased cost of security and also reduction of taxes, that falls under a barrage of criticism from the «Working party», which would more economical to spend money from the national welfare Fund. The leader of the «workers ‘ party» støre promised to raise taxes on the rich to reduce inequality in society to care about education, medicine, and the elderly.

Voters who decided to vote early this year set a record – more than a million Norwegians cast their votes in advance. Procedure of counting of votes in this year has changed – now they at least once had to count manually. According to preliminary data, the polls came more than 77% of the population eligible to vote.