The court upheld the dismissal of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko from MIA Bank

© RIA Novosti / Pavel Camerastate goddess of justice Themis in court. Archival photoThe court upheld the dismissal of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko from MIA Bank© RIA Novosti / Pavel Komarov

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow upheld the dismissal of the father of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko Victor of the Bank «Moscow mortgage Agency» (MIA Bank) and refused to restore it on work, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«To reject the suit,» said the judge.

Victor Zakharchenko has filed a lawsuit against MIA is a Bank restoration for work in connection with the dismissal by the employer, he believes he was fired in violation of the Labour code of Russia. The father of the notorious Colonel, Ministry of interior, and his attorneys in the lawsuit did not participate.

From announced by the court of the claim of Viktor Zakharchenko, it follows that he was employed in the Bank for the development of interbank cooperation and the free schedule of work, and dismissed after emergence in mass media of information about the criminal prosecution of the son.

The representative of the MIA Bank court explained that Zakharchenko Sr. was hired in July 2014 and were acquainted with the internal regulations, which «no free regulations in respect of Zakharchenko» is not installed. «Bank staff in September 2016 was recorded absenteeism of the claimant,» — said in court the lawyer of the Bank, explaining the dismissal.

Victor Zakharchenko is in custody, he was charged with two episodes of complicity in the embezzlement of money of the Bank «Moscow mortgage Agency», he alleged, were fictitiously employed in the Bank and during that time managed to get a salary of 4 million rubles.

Former Chairman of the Board MIA-Bank — Vladimir Korovkin, and who previously held a similar position to Mr Mushroom, in which a credit institution has worked Zakharchenko, Sr., is charged with complicity in embezzlement.

Korovkin, as Zakharchenko, Sr., is contained in the detention center. His wife — Julia Markus is still working in this Bank and since September 2014 he holds the post of Deputy CEO. Her investigation intends to interrogate as the witness.

Another ex-Chairman of Bank Sergey Mushroom — arrested in absentia and declared in the international search.

Zakharchenko, Jr. was arrested in September last year on charges of receiving a bribe in seven millions roubles. Two more episodes he was charged on February 22 after the transfer of his case in the RF IC. When they searched the sister’s Zakharchenko had found a warehouse with almost 9 billions of rubles in different currencies. The origin of the money he could not explain.

The court upheld the dismissal of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko from MIA Bank© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki For leaving things not liable