The European Parliament will consider the bill on security of gas supply EU

© Flickr / European ParliamentЗдание the European Parliament. Archival photoThe European Parliament will consider the bill on security of gas supply EU© Flickr / European Parliament

The European Parliament on Tuesday will consider a bill that aims to strengthen the cooperation of EU countries in case of crises in the supply of «blue fuel», as well as open access to the authorities of the Union to information about long-term gas contracts, which can be important for security of gas supply in the EU.

«The EU facing the crisis of gas supply will be able to count on help from neighboring countries under the new framework of solidarity, to be discussed Tuesday morning, and will be submitted for the final vote of the European Parliament in the afternoon of the same day», — stated in the message of the European Parliament.

Negotiators from the European Parliament and the EU Council reached a compromise on the text of the bill on security of gas supply at the end of April. Approval of both is required before the bill will come into force.

Once this is done, the document will be published in the EU Official journal and will enter into force 20 days, reported by the European Commission. The new rules should enter into force before winter, did not exclude the European Parliament.

Energy Union

This bill represents the second package of regulatory measures in the framework of the Energy Union in the EU, which passes through the European Parliament. The first was the law on reconciliation with the European Commission projects of intergovernmental agreements with EU countries for the purchase of gas from third countries.

In the EU over the last few years formed an Energy Alliance designed, in particular, to strengthen the cooperation of the EU countries, to establish contacts for the transfer of energy within the region, to expand the sources of information, to reduce dependence on energy imports. The largest among gas suppliers to the EU is Russia.

The European Commission previously announced that the bill proposes to introduce the principle of solidarity, when in the event of a serious gas crisis in one country of the EU, its neighbors in the Union will help to provide vital gas supply.

In addition, the EU plans to allocate several groups of countries that will be able to create a joint safety and emergency anti-crisis measures, according to the materials of the EU institutions.

On the basis of their message, the authorities of the European Union may also receive access to information about long-term gas contracts, which are essential for security of gas supply to EU countries.