Analysts do not suggest to invest in cryptocurrencies

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobasketball bitcoin. Archival photoAnalysts do not suggest to invest in cryptocurrencies© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Investing in cryptocurrency is now becoming dangerous, because the market is maturing gradually «bubble», and in the future of virtual currency will face a hard regulation, according to respondents RIA Novosti analysts.

Currently, more and more countries open their markets to cryptocurrencies. In Russia, their regulation is not imposed. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov in August said that criptural must exist and the government would be careful to work in this direction.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced Wednesday that the Ministry wants to make the «black market» cryptocurrency organized, for individuals buying and selling this kind of tool should be carried out by analogy with Federal loan bonds (OFZ).

The market is maturing «bubble»

«We recommend to refrain from investments in bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole, because interest in them is fueled by the media, while in the sector are rampant speculative mood and a «syndrome of missed opportunities.» We do not consider the rapid growth in the sector, cryptocurrencies are fundamentally justified and we suspect that the market is maturing «bubble», — said the analyst in the field of strategic studies and problems of future generation Julius Baer Alberto Perucchini.

According to the expert, by itself, cryptocurrencies represent an immature technology that is «waiting for hard regulation as well as scale-up issues and technical issues». «In addition, the sector is limited by weak links with «non-crypto» and «non-black» economies, including the paramount importance of credit and the payment system», — he said.

«Moreover, the cryptocurrency almost no connection with the real economy, because only three of the 500 largest online retailers accept bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as means of payment (one year ago such stores were five),» he added, Perucchini.

«In our view, it is already possible to speak about the maturation of a «bubble» in the market. But we would still wait a bit. If you evaluate the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies — it is about $ 150 billion, which, in principle, to the global financial system not so much. While conversations on the subject, not the restrictions imposed are of a local character… From our point of view, the potential is still there», — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Prime Capital» Roman Lykov.

According to his forecast, we talk about the «bubble» will be, when the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies will rise to 500 billion dollars. «Then we can say that should be fixed, and at these levels out. Hot money such a lot did not happen. According to our estimates, this is the limit», he added.

Bitcoin is not the same

Currently first place on capitalization among cryptocurrencies traditionally takes bitcoin (BTC): it is estimated at 69,871 billion (47.3% of the total cryptocurrency market). In second place is held Ethereum capitalization 28,28 billion dollars. In third place Bitcoin Cash — its market capitalization is 8,587 billion, the fourth Ripple, the cryptocurrency with a market capitalization 8,298 billion dollars, and the fifth is Litecoin with a market capitalization 3,488 billion dollars.

Bitcoin, in the opinion of Perucchini, is the largest cryptocurrency through its extensive network and premium for the brand. «However, the new cryptocurrency occur almost daily, with pretensions to more advanced technologies or solutions to specific problems. This led to the fact that bitcoin has lost some market to alternative cryptocurrencies,» — said the expert.

The same opinion in relation to the bitcoin makes and Lykov. «Now is watch, choose. Specifically, bitcoin is not necessary. It is necessary to watch currency are unwound,» he believes.